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Growing up, my parents were successful. My father had a real estate business and my mother was a doctor. We had a normal life…until we lost it. My father’s business crashed along with the market, and my mother had to work long hours to make ends meet. Creditors were swarming around my family waiting for the moment a dollar came in so they could grab it.


I promised myself that when I would grow up, I would protect my family from the same experience. I started learning about how to protect assets from creditors, how to defend against foreclosure, and even how to structure real estate deals effectively. This path led me to law school where I attended one of the top law schools in the country – George Mason University School of Law.  I went to law school on a mission; not only was I going to protect my family, I was going to protect anyone who came to me for help from their creditor as well.


I founded Levin Legal with the firm belief that I could help you protect your assets through effective Florida asset protection methods and proper Florida estate planning techniques. Further, I have made it my mission to obtain money owed to you, whether from insurance companies not willing to pay to an individual or small business who breached their contract with you. If my family had someone help them when I was young, we would not have had to feel the fear and anxiety we experienced during our years of financial trouble.


Each area of law I practice involves assisting people protect their money or receive the money they deserve from big companies that want to keep everything they can. I use my intensity, focus and conviction to fight for my clients to achieve the best results possible and I will do the same for you.


George Mason University School of Law (top tier law school)
Degree: Juris Doctor
Certificate: Tax Certification


Central Yeshiva
Degree: B.A., Talmudic Law – First Rabbinic Degree
Certificate: Rabbinic Ordination


Admitted to Practice Law in:


S. District Court, Southern District of Florida


Jewish Community Services Alliance – South Florida
September, 2015 – Present
Position: Executive Board Member